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Exploring Germline Genetic Variants Among Individuals Affected by Mesothelioma

 Recent Findings in JAMA Network Open Suggest Potential Benefits of Comprehensive Germline Genetic Testing for Mesothelioma Patients. While asbestos exposure remains a primary risk factor for mesothelioma, a segment of patients also carry harmful genetic variations that amplify susceptibility to solid tumors. Researchers, led by a team from the University of Chicago, investigated 161 mesothelioma patients who underwent both tumor-specific and germline next-generation sequencing. Results indicated that 16% of patients bore pathogenic or potentially pathogenic genetic variations, predominantly within a gene associated with hereditary cancer syndromes. These genetic alterations were detected at a similar frequency to other tumor types like metastatic prostate cancer, epithelial ovarian cancer, and exocrine pancreatic cancer, all of which recommend universal germline genetic testing. Given the comparable prevalence of P/LP germline variants in mesothelioma patients to other cancers where universal genetic testing is established, the researchers advocate contemplating universal germline screening as part of forthcoming mesothelioma treatment guidelines.